Acupoints Massage

What is Acupoints Massage?

Acupoints massage is also known as “Tui Na”, is a non-drug natural and physical therapy that uses a variety of techniques and forces to apply to the body, such as pushing, pressing, kneading, kneading, pointing, holding, moistening, and patting.

Effectiveness of Acupoints Massage

It regulates the qi and blood of the whole body, helps to activate the blood, relaxes the tendons, unblocks the channels, reduces heat, and strengthens immunity.

Who should avoid Acupoints Massage?

  1. Patients with various acute infectious diseases, acute osteomyelitis, tuberculous arthritis, infectious skin diseases, skin eczema, ulcerated parts of the skin, localized water and fire burns, acute abdominal diseases, bleeding disorders, severe heart/cardiovascular diseases, tumors, seriously ill patients, women during their menstrual period, pregnant women, and the elderlies.