DDS Treatment

What is DDS Treatment?

DDS Treatment is a combination of Chinese medicine and modern microelectronic technology, converting ordinary electrical energy into bioelectric energy inherent in the human body to stimulate and dredge the meridians. The facial skin is stroked by the therapist through bioelectric current, which accelerates the facial blood circulation and metabolism and gradually restores the skin to a firm, pink and clear glow.

Effectiveness of DDS Treatment

This therapy is based on the direction of meridians, it can quickly and deeply open meridians, activate cells, clean up acidic waste in the body and metabolize it into salt and water to be discharged from the body.

Who should avoid DDS Treatment?

  1. People with silicone gel on the face or any part of the body, who have had face slimming injections, gold wire, contact lenses, high blood pressure (index above 160), steel plates, heart stents, and women who are on menstrual or pregnant.