Edged Needle Therapy

What is Edged Needle Therapy?

Edged needle therapy is a minimally invasive procedure that uses needles to enter the body, acting as a “scalpel” for the lesion. This treatment is a quick and effective way to heal the body without destroying the vertebral structure and without invading important blood vessels, nerves, or the spine. It is characterized by rapid onset of action, consolidation of efficacy, safety and reliability, and no side effects.

Effectiveness of the Edged Needle Therapy

Edged Needle Therapy can quickly and effectively close and loosen the adhesions and contractures of soft tissues, rebuild the mechanical balance between the vertebral bodies, reset the misaligned and disordered small joints, gradually restore the physiological curvature, and release the compression of nerves, blood vessels and spinal cord.

Who should avoid Edged Needle Therapy?

  1. Patients who are afraid of needles and pregnant women