Entropy Subtractor

What is Entropy Subtractor?

The Entropy Subtractor emits orderly negative entropy energy to help the body with “entropy reduction”. After several treatments, it can gradually restore the body to an orderly healthy state. Entropy Subtractor uses a spin magnetic field, terahertz, far infrared rays, and negative oxygen ions to output orderly energy. The energy quickly reaches the nucleus of the cells in the body, and through pulse resonance, it strips off waste, dirt, and toxins from the cells, and expels them from the sweat glands.

Effectiveness of Entropy Subtractor

Entropy Subtractor will remove the toxins, cold energy, turbidity, turbidity water, and turbidity accumulated in the whole body from the deep level of bone marrow through the sweat glands. Therefore, the human body will sweat during the treatment and expel toxins and sweat from the deep level of cells. Just lying in the Entropy Subtractor cabin can effectively relieve various inflammatory diseases. It is also called the “modern black technology” health equipment.

Who should avoid Entropy Subtractor?

  1. Patients with metal fixation plates in the body after fracture surgery, patients with localized pacemakers and their proximity, patients with severe heart, liver, lung, and kidney failure, patients with hemorrhage, pregnant women, patients with advanced malignant tumors, patients with untreated trauma, patients with open-heart surgery, patients who have had surgery for less than 3 months, patients with significant adverse reactions to spinning magnets.