Nine Five Fumigation

What is Nine Five Fumigation?

Nine-five fumigation involves the use of 95 kinds of Chinese medicinal herbs. The herbs are heated and then fumigated to allow the herbal particles to penetrate the skin through the steam and detoxify the body through the meridians. The herbs used in the fumigation are all-natural ingredients. Chinese medicine believes that “medicine and food have the same origin”, and that people get sick by eating, so they need to use medicine from nature to cure diseases.

Effectiveness of Nine Five Fumigation

It can achieve the purpose of preventing and treating diseases by dredging the meridians, activating blood circulation and relieving pain, dispelling evil by sweating, warming the meridians, and dispersing cold, sterilizing, and anti-inflammatory.

Who should avoid Nine Five Fumigation?

  1. Pregnant women and menstruating women, those with severe bleeding, those with severe risk of heart disease or hypertension, patients with tuberculosis, heart or kidney failure, patients with aneurysms, and those with impaired warmth sensation.